Friday, August 6, 2010

WW2 Swiss Tent Pole Sets

The last of my ever expanding zeltbahn project components has arrived. I have four more WW2 Swiss Army tent pole and stake sets now (binging my total to six). I found a little mom-and-pop, family run surplus company down in Waco, Texas that has some real gems up for sale. It seems that the father of the family stsrted a surplus company when he got out of the service in the early 60's and started buying up large lots of surplus gear from around the world and warehousing it, and now his daughter is running the company and has finally dug into the "piles" and is offering up some great gear that has been "out of stock" for many years..............

I picked up three Swiss pole sets with WW2 dates, and one with a pre-WW2 date for a price I couldn't pass up. Now I'll have to go through my sets and pick out the best to use with my Swedish zeltbahns. I'll probably just hang on to the other sets as they are getting quite rare.

The 1938 pole set could easily pass off as German as it does not have the Swiss cross stamp on it. The Swiss made quite a bit of gear for the German Army and tent pole sets just happen to be part of that "shared" gear............... I wonder how that gets justified when one is a neutral country in the midst of a world war?

Here's the break down on the pole sets:

One 1938
Two 1940's
One 1941

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