Monday, August 2, 2010

Burning Bikes

With Burning Man less than a month away, and Sweet Pea down at Lark Camp in California, I took the opportunity to build up a couple of "new" Burning Man bikes for the two of us. The last couple of Playa bikes were totally and absolutely DEAD!

I used a couple of frames I got from N8 and a pile o
f old parts and ended up with a couple of great Playa bikes. They are both single speeds, with the option to run any gear combo you want. I take an old derailleur and run a cable backwards though the adjusting clamp. This lets you lock the derailleur in any position you want......... select your rear cog, line up the derailleur and lock the short cable in place! That's it! No shifters needed.

Sweet Pea's bike is built up on an old Giant mountain bike frame with a dead RST front suspension fork. My bike is an old Shogun mountain bike with the ever popular U-brake (located UNDER the bike by the bottom bracket). I have collapsing side baskets and Sweet Pea's got a rear basket.

Here they are:

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