Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swedish M96 Bayonet

17 Infantry Group Photo

Since I hit pay dirt with the Swedish Mauser Carbine in regards to the great history, I decided to dig out the M96 Swedish Mauser bayonet that I picked up at a yard sale here in PT last year and check out the unit markings to see what I could find out...........(this is the bayonet for the long rifle version of the Swedish Mauser and will not fit my carbine)............... Here's the run down:

The bayonet scabbard is marked with D over I17, which signifies that the bayonet was specifically to an individual company within the 17th Infantry Regiment. The longer number is the serial number of the bayonet.

The 17th Infantry regiment was known as the Bohusläns Regiment. This was an infantry regiment that was formed in 1661 and disbanded in 1992. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from the provinces of Bohuslän, and it was later garrisoned there in the town Uddevalla.

It does not appear that there was anything outstanding about the unit from the time period that the Mausers were used. Too bad, it's always nice to have some juicy tidbits to attach to an artifact :)

Here are a few pictures of the bayonet.

And here is a map of Sweden showing the location of the Bohuslän highlighted on the West side of the country.

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