Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oak Leaf Camo Panzer Jacket, Sturm Mil;-Tec Reproduction

My long awaited father's day present from the kids arrived yesterday..........a new made copy of a WW2 Panzer Jacket in the Spring Oak Leaf Camo print. The jacket is made of very heavy canvas and is true in every detail to the originals, the only exception being no insignia. This particular jacket is made by Sturm in Germany under the Mil-Tec name.

This style of jacket was worn by the German Panzer tank units in all theaters. Black wool jackets were the standard with camo used in the field. The jackets are a wrap-around style and can be worn buttoned all the way up to the collar or with the outer flap folded down. The shoulder tabs are removable and would normally be replaced with rank tabs if an officer wore the jacket.

I love this jacket!

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