Friday, July 9, 2010

WW2 Swiss Zeltbahn Pole Sets

I tracked down a source for early 1950's Swiss camouflage shelter-tent halves that did not include any pole sets. The price was fantastic and I ordered two. I then found 2 WW2 issued Swiss tent pole sets to go with them on eBay! I have the pole sets, but am still waiting a week or more for the tents.................... In case anyone is wondering, this will be the tent set up for the BGS bike :)

The Swiss camouflage pattern and shelter and nearly identical to the WW2 German army ones and many speculate that the Swiss were actually making the equipment for the Germans and just altered the gear a bit for their own army while they were at it! Anyway, it it wasn't for the Swiss cross stamp on the canvas, these pole and stake sets would be identical to the German ones.

Check out these great dates....... the stakes even have early 1940's dates under the zinc coatings!

More updates and pics when the tent halves get her next week.........

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