Monday, July 12, 2010

Retro-Fahrrad For Sale

N8 dropped off a potential Burning Man bicycle a week ago that has now ended up in a new project of mine. The bike has been "restored" in a retro-vintage, military fahrrad style and is currently being offered up for sale.

I replaced the saddle with a replica leather hair-pin saddle that I picked up a year or so ago at the ReCyclery yard sale fundraiser, added two of the Swiss saddle bags and a German mess kit, gave it new cables and a tune up........... and a good write up on Craigslist! The bike had already been painted in flat black like the old German WW2 bikes so that saved me time and actually gave me the inspiration for the set up............ A very cool bike with some great vintage parts and gear. The wheel set is an old vintage size that is uncommon today and the rear hub was in need of a rebuild, so I did a little quick conversion on the rear brakes (to be compatible with the new wheel sizes) and added a newer style 26" rear wheel and cassette. Now I just need to find a good home for it :)

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Sharky said...

Hello to all!
Here's the update on the bike:
The bike has found a new home here in PT and I'll likely be seeing it out and about the town. I think it will be used in a vintage motorized bicycle project, the saddle, bars and bags at least.