Friday, July 23, 2010

New-Old Bike Pump for the BGS Bicycle

A number of years ago I picked up an old bicycle pump in need of serious attention. This pump had been banging around in pretty rough condition ever since, but with tons of potential.......

I finally got around to finding a use for it. I have reconditioned and restored the pump and have put it into use as the "official" BGS bicycle pump!

The pump has a wonderful brass top cap, wooden handle with a very cool threaded "hose holder", and a cast iron base with a single hinged foot tab. The threaded brass stem fitting is of a quite old style. I have repainted the tube in early German Police - Bundesgrenzschutz Green. I have reconditioned the original leather internal cup and replaced the rotted hose with a piece of vintage, but still usable hose I found at the local used building supply shop.

I'm not sure of the exact age of the pump, but I would place it in the pre-WW2 era, and probably back around the "teens or twenties". I have not been able to find any makers stamps or company names on any of the parts, however the quality is quite high.

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