Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Guns and Subs.......and Boats on the Mud!

The sun was out........... warm afternoon...... good day for an outing! We loaded up the pugs and headed out to Marristone Island to stop by and check up on the Bernadine and then head on down the road to Fort Flagler State Park.

The Sub

When we pulled into the park we noticed that a US Navy Nuclear Submarine was headed inbound through Admiralty Inlet towards the sub base in Bangor on the Hood Canal. We had a great view of the submarine and its entourage: Two USCG Patrol Cutters, a Two Sub-Tenders, and a navy gun boat trailing behind....... oh yes, and the submarine tucked safely between the two tenders.

Great views of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, and Whidbey Island as well.

That's Mount Baker to the North.

The Big Guns

Fort Flagler has a few wonderful old military guns that are still installed. Two 3 inch rapid fire guns that could lob a 15 pound shell about 5 miles. These guns were installed between 1903 and 1906. Both guns aim out across Admiralty Inlet toward Whidbey Island.

There is also a 120 mm Mobile Anti-Aircraft gun that that dates to WW2. Very cool and I'm sure there can't be too many of these historic pieces around anymore!

To end the expedition, we headed out to the main beach part of the park that faces the mouth of Kilisuit Harbor, Port Townsend Bay and looks across at Port Townsend. This is the trecherous route we follow to get back in to Mystery Bay. The channel and enterance starts by the Navy Munitions Pier at Indian Island (the cranes in the background) and snakes its way past the sand bar and then through Kilisuit Harbor, The channel is about a boat's width wide and if you stray, you pay! I'm sure the sailboat that you can see waiting for the incoming tide would agree!

Here a couple of shots from the same vantage point looking over towards the mill and one looking back inside the bay towards Mystery Bay. In the first shot, you can see the mill in the distance, and the bluffs to the right. Our house is up on top of the bluff.

It's never a dull day out here in the Wild, Wild West!

I think even Sweet Pea and the Pugs would agree!

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