Saturday, March 20, 2010

BGS Biycle Number & Helmet

The new number plate and identification emblem are complete! I decided to go with the bicycle in the original BGS bicycle photo as my guide for my bike. The new bicycle restoration now represents a bicycle that was assigned to the education department of the Bundesgrenzschutz, or in other words, "The Training Academy". The great thing about this is that I have an actual photo and veteran's testimony about this very bicycle. I have quite a number of photographs of field training that took place in the late 1950's through the 1960's to go along with the bicycle. I even have about 45 minutes of video of the early BGS training as well.

I also picked up a fiberglass "novelty" motorcycle helmet that will become the new BGS bike helmet! This helmet should do just fine for a bicycle, but is not DOT approved for motorcycles, hence the "novelty" rating. I removed the original helmet straps and riveted in a "Y' & "D-ring" set up using very heavy aluminum rivets with brass washers and then used my old CDF wildland firefighting helmet leather chin strap to finish it off. I'll paint it in the original BGS green.

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