Sunday, March 14, 2010

BGS Bike is one step closer to done.........

I made a trip to Bainbridge Island last night to drop off Aug at the Seattle Ferry and decided to stop off at the bike shops over there in Winslow before heading home. No luck on finding a set of 28 x 1.75 tires at Classic Cycles, but I did find a set of Continental 28 x 1.75 city tires on the "pull off parts" rack at Bainbridge Cycles. This just happens to be the EXACT brand, size and type that is meant to go on the BGS bike to make it correct! It is a VERY odd size for the USA and this set just happened to be a set of tires that were taken off of a customer's new bike when they changed tire styles...... and I got them for the price of a set of cheap "made in China" generics! I just love how that whole vibrational manifestation thing pays off :)

Yesterday I also finished up the number plate that copies the plate on the original BGS bicycle. I made custom mounting hardware and painted it a nearly perfect shade of green. It's all mounted up and looks great! I'll get the local Uptown Printery to print out the number emblems on vinyl sticker material. The final look will be sharp, crisp, and very military!

I located a large album of photographs from 1954-1956 for the BGS 7. Hundertschaft of Coburg, Germany. This was a field unit that operated out of Camp Harris-Hindenburg Kaserne in Bavaria. This bit of Bavaria was a finger of land that jutted into what was then East German and was bordered on 3 sides by the "Iron Curtain" border.......... Lots of good early history at this unit and the album has wonderful photo documentation of uniforms, equipment, field operations, daily life, vehicles, etc........ about 75 photos in all. I will use this as my "bicycle persona" and will finish up the BGS bike as a tribute to this unit. The unit number is 207 and that will appear on the number plate. You can see the "207 in a Circle on white background" on the back of truck in the first BGS photo. This will be the number emblem that will appear on the new BGS bike. You can also see the ammo can I'm using in the foreground of the second picture......

And the restoration-recreation continues!

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