Thursday, March 11, 2010

BGS Bike - New Black Paint!

Well the paint restoration work on the BGS bike is complete and I'm just getting the final assembly done now. I sanded and painted the rims with black satin finish oil paint (hand brushed). The tail reflector is finished and has been painted black to match as well as the kick stand. New chain.............. green touch up here and there....... a few new screws and a new seat pinch bolt (all "weathered" to look aged). I found original black paint under all the silver paint on the rims and tail reflector, just as I suspected. Black is the military paint color for the WW2 German Truppenfahrrad bikes.

I will be constructing the number plate that will mount inside the frame triangle next. I'm still trying to decide on what type of unit the bike will be "assigned" to. I may just go with the "A" number plate like the bike in the original BGS bike photo, just so I can have good documentation for the restoration.

Here are the latest shots:

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