Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Work Cruiser..... Old School Style

Well I'm back to the blog........... we've had a little "internet-interuptus" at the old homestead these days, so I'm blogging in the field. So....... here's a little catch up on the bike scene.

Without getting into all of the "bullshit" politics and and arbitrary decisions at work regarding bike parking.............. suffice it to say that we are required to park outside, in the weather, on an old, outdated, and unsecured bike rack and walk into work. Year-round! Just a tad screwed up! I decided that the GT was not going to be sacrificed to the weather gods just yet, so I parked it and pulled out the Burning Man bike for the first "protest ride" to work. One day was all it took to rethink that plan! I pulled out a vintage Specialized mountain bike that dates back to the first year or two they sold them, somewhere around 1982 or so! I fitted it out with my panniers and my good Brooks saddle with springs. WAY COOL ride! It's great riding retro-style....... even though I still miss the full suspension ride of the GT. With the suspension Brooks saddle, I can keep my butt planted the saddle as I bomb down the trail. The springs do a great job sucking up the bumps.

Too bad about the bike parking situation..........Oh Well....... in this case it's not worth "fighting City Hall".....

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