Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Burning Man Shade and Art Update

Well a heat wave finally found its way to Port Townsend and with all that heat and sun, it was tough to ignore the final countdown to the burn! A flurry of activity ensued!
I set up the new shade structure......... success! It's going to work out great, but it's definitely a two person operation to set up. Tons of room inside and with the two zippered openings, it ought to get good air flow in a breeze. I can't wait to try it on the Playa! Here are a few of the first "yard shots" of the beast. You can see our little trailer that we take to Burning Man parked in the forefront, and to the left. The trailer's 10 feet long....... for a little comparison perspective.

The art project is also coming along........ "The Dream Wheel". The main wood frame is assembled and ready for "artification". The wheel is built, painted and ready for final assembly. I have plans for quite a bit of hand painted art that will be painted on the wheel and on the wood frame as well. More to follow!

(The wheel is actually upside down in the picture..... It will be turned over when it's installed in the frame)

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