Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dream Wheel Update & Burning Man Countdown!

15 days 'til blast off! Just two weeks left until we pull out onto the highway and start the pilgrimage to the Playa! I've been packing and organizing all week to try and get the bulk of the "usual" items loaded and ready to go. Sweet Pea's been away all week at Lark Camp in Mendicino, California and has an art show the first weekend she's home................ maybe, if we're lucky, the final week will be relaxing :)

The Dream Wheel project's been coming right along. The main wood frame is finished up. I drilled and installed the final bolts last night. When Sweet Pea's home, we'll figure out what kind of final jazzing up we'll do on the frame. I've got a pile of ideas and sketches, but this sort of project tends to be organic in nature and just sort of unfolds as I go along, so it's always a bit of a surprise to see how it all comes out in the end. The interesting thing is that the main frame is nearly identical to a sketch that I made as we drove home from the Playa in 2005, and not much like the sketch I made just before starting this project.............

I've assembled the wheel components and painted on the "wording" around the top and bottom of the main wheel. It's looking great! Again, when Sweet Pea's home, we'll decide on any final art for the wheel. I still have to build a holder for the 3" x 5" index cards and pens that will be used for folks to write their own dreams, prayers and wishes for the wheel. I'll also do a little philosophical / descriptive sheet that I'll install under plexiglass to explain the concept behind this wheel and how it relates to the community.

This afternoon's it's out to the boat to install running gear on top of the pilot house. Burning Man and boats all week! The Bernadine will be in the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival this year, the weekend immediately after we get back from Burning Man! Hope I haven't bitten off more that I can chew this year :) Here's the link to the vessel description page for the festival:

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