Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wild Wild West.........

Yesterday we braved the weather and loaded up the bikes on the back of the Jeep and headed out to Sequim for a mountain bike ride. N8 was out for a short visit from school so we decided to show him the Sequim to Port Angeles stretch of the Olympic Discovery Trail.

We rode 14 1/2 miles to Port Angeles, had dinner at the Asian Bistro, then rode 14 1/2 miles back to the car....... not a bad way to spend an afternoon. The National Weather Service called for cloudy and dry and we ended up with drizzle on the final stretch into Port Angeles, and a bit of drizzle on the start of the ride back. Just enough to give us muddy a trail! When it rains out here, you really get the feel of riding in the rain forest, for real :)

You know you're really "Out West" when you see signs along the trail like these!

Here's a link to the Olympic Discovery Trail website.

We started this ride at the Robin Hill Farm Park. If you click on the Port Angeles map section on the website link above, you can view the section of the trail we rode.

Great rail-trail with smooth paved, packed dirt and a few rocky stretches........ with only a few climbs, but those are short.

You could almost do this on a road bike, but the few short stretches of rough trail would be hell on the tires and rims, so we opt for our mountain bikes.

Now that's the smile of a very happy biker!
Sweet Pea in front of a field of wild daisies.

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