Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday I had a date with the boat........regardless of weather. Good idea? Who knows, anyway, it all worked out and I got a bit of work done inside. When I got to the dock, the wind had increased to about 20+ knots and was still building. It was quickly apparent that rowing out in the dingy was out of the question. Getting out to the boat would be one thing, getting back if the wind kept building would be another! I was offered a ride out by the skipper of an old 1916 era fishing boat that anchors a bit further out, but I'd still be stuck when I had to row in.......... I remembered that Aug's Boston Whaler was at the dock with a 6hp outboard ready to go. I loaded up and out I went. The wind was out of the South, and in Mystery Bay, that means that there's not much fetch, so we only had small chop and whitecaps compared to the wind strength, but even with that, it was a fun ride out. I primed the overhead in the pilot house and salon and framed in the workbench up forward. Did a little puttering and cleaning and when the wind started to drop off, I headed for the dock.

Back at the dock, the State Park Dock Host told me that I had left my Jeep headlights on and that he had watched them slowly go dim and then out. Great. But, then he offered to give me a jump.... Now that was great! As we jump started the car, the wind went calm and then swung around and started blowing out of the North, bringing BLACK clouds with it. As I pulled out of the parking lot, the rain hit. Hail, torrential downpours, lightning.......... I think I'm ready for summer.......... Or as they say, "Just another day on the bay!"

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