Tuesday, July 26, 2016

U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Helmet, Cascade circa 1990's, USCG Rescue Swimmer Helmet, Boat Crew Helmet, Water Rescue Teams

Today we'll be taking a look at another recent addition to my helmet collection.  This helmet is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran from out here in the Pacific Northwest.

This helmet was made by Cascade Helmets and was configured to USCG specifications for issue to US Coast Guard Boat Crews, Rescue Swimmers and other Special Rescue Teams.  In 1995, Cascade entered into a relationship with the US Coast Guard to supply them with this helmet, for all of their rescue crews. 

USCG Rescue Swimmer

US Coast Guard Ice Rescue Team Member.

US Coast Guard Boat Crew making a rescue.

These helmets continued in service until very recently.  Several years ago, the Coast Guard changed the official issue Rescue Helmet to either the Gentex SOHAH Helmet, or Mango Helmet.  There may be a few of these "old" Cascade helmets out there in service, but from what I can tell, the Gentex and Mango helmets are the only ones issued now.

These cascade helmets are still used by civilian Water Rescue Teams all over the United States.  In fact, the Swift Water Rescue Team from Butte County Fire Department, California (my old department from the 1980's!), currently uses them.

Butte County Fire Department, California.  Swift Water Rescue Team.

These Cascade helmets are rugged and tough.  They feature closed cell foam liners and numerous vents to allow water to drain off.  They have a very unique chinstrap system that consists of four anchor points on the helmet, along the rim of the helmet.  

The reflective tape on this helmet is applied in the USCG pattern and the helmet has a square of soft velcro on the side so that a strobe light can be applied.

There are three plastic snaps on the brow of this helmet for mounting a visor.  I have not seen any photos of the visors installed on these USCG helmets, but they may have been supplied, but not used.  Here is photo of what the helmets look like with the visor installed:

Stock manufacturer's photo.

Before we get into the photo album, here are a few photos of "yours truly" modeling this helmet:

Now let's take a closer look at this Cascade Rescue Helmet:

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