Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Canadian Brodie Helmet, Mk II, WW2 - Korean War era, 1942, Post-War Repaint, Mark 2, Mk2

Today we'll be taking a look at another one of the Brodie Helmets in my collection.  This helmet was spotted at a yard sale in California by mother, and picked up as a gift for me!  Way to go Mom!

Specifically, this helmet is a Canadian Military, Brodie Helmet that was used during WW2 and then repainted and refurbished after the war for use in the Korean War (at home or overseas).

Two Canadian soldiers in Korea, 1950's.
The metal shell is dated 1942 and is stamped with the makers mark of C.L./C. for the Canadian Motor Lamp Company of Windsor.  It is also stamped 60, indicating the shell size.

The metal shell is made of non-magnetic, manganese steel.  When the helmet was first produced, it was covered with a rough textured "cork paint".  Some of this texturing can still be seen in areas of the shell's exterior.  After WW2, the textured paint was no longer used.

After WW2, in 1951, the Canadian helmets were refurbished and repainted for re-issue to the troops for use during the "Korean War Era".  The original, lighter olive drab paint can be seen inside the shell in the crown area, under the liner.  The exterior of the shell and the rim, has the "new" darker green paint that was applied in 1951.   

You can see the 2 paint colors in this photo.
At the time the helmets were repainted, a new style canvas chinstrap was added that was made of two pieces of webbing and a buckle.  This new strap matched the new Model 1951 web gear. 

The liner in this helmet is dated 1943, and is marked V.M.C. for the Viceroy Manufacturing Company.  It is also marked 7 for the liner size, and II indicating it is for the MkII helmet.

My helmet is missing the chinstrap and the head liner drawstring cord.  I am currently on the lookout for a correct Model 1951 chin strap.  (there is always something to hunt for!).  I will replace the drawstring with an appropriate matching "modern cord".

This helmet is quite interesting in that it was almost assuredly used during WW2 by a Canadian soldier, and then quite possibly used by another soldier in Korea!  This is one of the things I find so fascinating about these post-war refurbished items.  They have layer, upon layer, of history! 

You can follow this link over to a previous blog posting that shows my WW2 painted Canadian Helmet.  Now I have a WW2 version helmet, and a post-war version helmet!

 Let's take a closer look at this helmet.  Enjoy the album:

Canadian Troops in Korea during the Korean War.


bolo said...

good find, a black shoe lace works well for liners

Sharky said...

Thanks for the tip on the black shoelace. I need to find a short one. All of my spare laces are for boots!