Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Marbles No. 5 Pocket Axe Re-Finished and Blued. Number 5 Pocket Axe

Today's post is a bit of an update to a previous post I made back in March of 2011.  Back in 2011,  I showcased my modern Marbles Number 5, and vintage Marbles No. 6 pocket axes.  Since then, I have revisited the old Number 5 Pocket Axe and did a bit of re-finishing.

I was unhappy with the bright, bare metal finish on the modern No. 5 axe, so I decided that it was time to look into my "patina options".  I have recently been using cold blue paste to touch up, age and restore old tools.  I decided to give it a try on the No. 5.

Here is the link to the Birchwood Casey Blue Paste that I use: 

I polished and cleaned up the finish on the head, and folding edge cover, with fine sandpaper and then wiped it all down with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).
Then I applied a thick coat of the bluing paste and allowed the metal to darken. After several minutes, I wiped off the paste and applied a second coat.  When the metal had darkened up to a wonderful "gun-metal blued finish", I wiped the metal down, cleaned the finish with another wipe-down of alcohol, and called it good!

I gave the wood a light sanding and then finished and sealed it with two coats of Danish Wood Oil-Finish.

That's it, a "new axe" with a custom finish!
You can see my original blog posting from back in 2011 here:

Here is the album of the "New Marbles Pocket Axe No. 5".  I hope this inspires some of you to customize your own Pocket Axe or daily chopper!

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