Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage Metal Box, West Coast Paper Company, Butler Brands

Yesterday I stopped by the local Goodwill Store while I was out running errands.  My quick stop paid off.........  I picked up a wonderful, vintage metal box.  I couldn't argue with the price either:  $2.00 !!

The box is from the 1930's era, but I can not be certain of the exact date.  It is in fantastic condition, which is rare for a metal box of this vintage.  I plan on using the box in my shop to store my military and police patches, pins, buttons, etc...........

The box is labeled "West Coast Paper Co. Seattle - Portland" and with the "Butler Brands" logos.  In 1933, West Coast Paper Company combined with Butler Brands to market Butler's line of paper to printers.  West Coast Paper Company has now grown into the modern company of West Coast Paper Solutions.  Here is a link to the company's web page that tells the story of the their start up in 1930, their partnership with Butler Paper in 1933, and their growth through the years until today:


Here is the photo album of this great box:

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Jeff said...

I have to admit that I have a thing for old metal boxes. I see one for two or three dollars, and I have to buy it. Soon I will be building a 75'x40' building to store them in. Just kidding about that. No I am not an old vintage box hoarder! I have chosen to not buy some, and I have even sold some, which is proof that I am not a hoarder, or is it?

Anyway, I like the box that you bought. If I had seen it, I would have bought it too, as I have an eye for old metal boxes.