Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz Schirmmütze, Grenzschutzeinzeldienst, weiss, 1995

To follow up on the last post, today I'll be showcasing the second style of Bundesgrenzschutz dress hat.  This is the service hat worn by the BGS officers serving in the Grenzschutzeinzeldienst, or Border Service.  These are the officers that patrol the airports, train stations and man the border crossings.

This hat is virtually identical to the moss green hat in the previous post, with the exception of the cover. The cover on this hat is made of a synthetic "leather" material, white in color. As with the green version, it was adopted in 1976, however it is still used by the officers in this area of service.  This hat is dated 1995.

Here are some close up photos of this hat:

Here are a few historical photos of BGS "Border Service" officers wearing this hat:

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