Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz Schirmmütze, moosgrün 1992

Today I have pulled out another recent addition to my Bundesgrenzschutz collection, a Schirmmütze, or dress hat, in the standard BGS moosgrün color.

This style of uniform dress hat was worn by all ranks in the BGS.  The lower ranks wore a silver trimmed chinstrap and the upper ranks wore a gold trimmed chin strap, but other than that, the same dress hat was worn by all.    This style hat, in the BGS moss green color, or moosgrün, was adopted in 1976 and was in service until the BGS was renamed the Bundespolizei in 2008, and a blue uniform was adopted.

My uniform hat is dated 1992.  And now for some more detailed photos of this hat:

Here is a BGS magazine cover shot showing this style of hat in use.  This photo is from 1976, when the new moosgrün uniform was adopted:

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