Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage Military Vehicle Show at Fort Worden, June 17-19, 2011

This last weekend the 5th annual Vintage Military Vehicle show, hosted by the West Sound Military Vehicle Preservation Club , was held out at the historic Fort Worden State Park here in Port Townsend.  I had great plans to bring the Bundesgrenzschutz bicycle out to the show, but it ended up raining and drizzling for nearly the entire weekend!  Sweet Pea and I did make it out for a short visit on Sunday.......... between the rain showers........

There were a number of great vehicles on display........ not a big show, but a good one.  Now without further delay, here's a quick photo tour of the vehicles:

1942 White,  US Army Model 2A1 Halftrack

1943 Ford,  Model GTBC "Burma Jeep",  USN Bomb Service Truck

1942 Ford.  Model GPW Jeep,  US Army

Willys Jeep,  Model 38A1,  US Army

Dodge,  Model 37 Cargo Truck,  US Army

1943 Rock Island Arsenal,  Model 3A4 Ammo/Utility Cart,   US Army

Model 37 Cargo Truck and Trailer,  US Army

And now for the final "Jeep" shot.......... Here's Sweet Pea and the Pugs in our Jeep, swinging by to pick me up from the show!


Charles Lawrence Wills Family said...

So we went out the week before as the PDN had stated this event would be.
We did see some of this one, the rain must have limited the number of vehicles. Are you ready to paint your jeep green and join up?

Charles Lawrence Wills Family said...
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