Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz First Aid Card for Medics & Stretcher Bearers, Sanitätdienst Hilfskrankenpfleger und Hilfskrankenträger

Here is the latest addition to the ever growing collection of Bundesgrenzschutz items in my collection.  I recently received this Bundesgrenzschutz First Aid Card from a friend in Berlin.

The card is new and unissued, with the print date of 1984 (10/84).  It identifies a member of the BGS as a medic and stretcher bearer and authorizes them to wear the red cross armband when carrying out their First Aid duties.  I believe that it says that the person named on the card is temporarily in the BGS Medical Division when acting as a medic or stretcher bearer.
Here's another shot of the card with a metric ruler below it to show the actual size: 

I believe that a red cross arm band was won over the uniform sleeve when working as a medic or stretcher bearer. Here is a link to a friend's website that shows one of these original BGS armbands:
bundesgrenzschutz sanitätsdienst

And to close out this posting, here are a couple of archive photos of one of the old Bundesgrenzschutz field ambulances and an "action shot" of the BGS medics in action:

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