Saturday, June 11, 2011

USCG Sikorsy, H-3 Pelican Helicopters, USCG Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico circa 1976

Today's posting is a group of photographs I picked up while I was serving in the USCG at Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico, in the 1980's (1986 - 1989).  These photos were about to be discarded and I couldn't let that happen, so I scooped them up and tucked them away............. until today.

While I was stationed there, we were flying in the HH65A Dolphin helicopters.  We were a "prototype-station" with some of the first Dolphins in service. We often tested out new modifications to the HH65A's before they were changed Coast Guard wide.  Just prior to my arrival, the station had retired the older Sikorsky H-3 Pelican helicopters.  These pictures date to that pre-HH65A Dolphin time, when the H-3's were still flying.  There is one photo of an USCG honor guard that are carrying the USA Bicentennial Flag....... this would date the photo in 1976.  I am just guessing, but I believe all of the photos are from 1976 or in that close proximity.  I have no idea what the official story behind these photos are, but several appear to be of an open house display of some sort, the arrival of a VIP officer, and some presentation ceremony.................

Here are the photos:

These officers have been awarded a medal (pinned on pockets) and are holding certificates.
A USCG Rear Admiral on the left.  Unknown name, but has cutterman's pin, no flight wings.

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