Wednesday, March 9, 2011

US M1 Helmet Liner, "The Top Porker"

This afternoon I stopped by our local recycled building materials store, "Waste Not Want Not", and what did I spot?  A Vietnam era, US M1 helmet liner!  The liner was gracing the store "mascot" manequen, that was decorated up as the "Top Porker"........ complete with a palstic pig screwed to the top, some gold fringe, and the title of  "Top Porker" written in felt marker on both sides.  Not a pretty sight :)

On closer inspection, it appeared that the liner was complete, including the rear neck strap that I am missing from my Vietnam era, M1 helmet and liner.  I struck a bargain with the store's owner and left with the liner.  A thrift store score!

The only real damage that I could not repair was the hole that had been drilled through the top where the screw ran through to attach the pig.  I removed the "Top Porker" lettering off of the sides with a rag soaked in 91% Isopropyl Alcohol  (Rubbing Alcohol).  I realigned the sweatband, and I was left with a nearly perfect liner.

And as a parting shot, here's the "Top Porker" himself, liberated at last!

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