Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swedish Model 1960 Helmet Net, Svenska M 37 Stålhjälm Kamouflage Netto M/60

To finish off my recently aquired Swedish M/37-65 helmet, I picked up a batch of like-new, Swedish Army camo nets.  

 These net set ups are the early style that were first issued out in 1960.  Leave it to the Swedes to design their own style of helmet camo!  These net set ups are very unique, with a very heavy net for the helmet dome, with attached canvas neck protection and visor.  This set up effectively allows the helmet to double as effective protection from the elements.  I also understand that the neck flaps were intended to help protect the soldiers from atomic fallout.

The cover is held on with a double drawstring set up........... one string inside the helmet lip, and the other just outside and on top of the helmet lip.  It's a bit tricky to get the cover securely fastened, but once it's on there, it seems pretty secure.  These covers are the early ones with buttons to secure the neck flaps.  Later issued covers had Velcro closures.

There are no markings or stampings of any kind on these covers.  I have found that this is actually quite common with older Swedish military equipment.  

Here's a photo fashion show of how the cover-helmet combination looks while worn:

Here are some photos of the cover, off of the helmet:

And a few pictures of the helmet with the cover, not worn:

And to finish things off, here are some historic photos of Swedish troops wearing the covers in the field:

Cavalry Troops 1965

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