Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shasta trailer gets new paint and a shower!

Well, after quite a few years of saying that we were going to do it, we did it!.................

Our little 1972 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer got a new paint job! We washed the trailer with wet and dry sand paper to both wash it and sand it at the same time....... then we waited for a sunny day to lay the paint on. We got that day on Tuesday. The trailer looked great....... then it was off to the session down at Siren's Pub. When we walked out at about 10:30 pm, it was pouring rain! We dashed home and Sweet Pea and I madly hooked up the trailer and pulled it out of the yard and under the shelter of the big fir tree....... covered it with a couple of boat yard tarps and gave it a drying the best we could. The paint will need to be redone on the top and a few spots along the top edges. No problem though, because we had planned on a second and third coat anyway :)

Yesterday I built a tent shelter over the trailer to protect it for the weekend while we're over in Seattle for N8's graduation. The weather forecast is for sun starting Friday and going into next week, so it ought to get some good drying time......... Pray for sun :)

Before painting, I pulled off all of the old running lights, installed new tail lights, and wired the lights with a new wire harness and plug socket.

When we bought the trailer, the cool Shasta Wings were gone. I have patterns and the correct textured aluminum to make new ones.......... the next trailer project!

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