Thursday, June 10, 2010

Czechoslovakian Mess Kit Straps

My latest addition to the ongoing equipment outfitting for the Bundesgrenzschutz bicycle has arrived. I had an opportunity to get in on the very last stock of new, never issued, Czechoslovakian Army, leather equipment straps. They arrived the other day and I've already put them into use!

I have 10 straps in all........ Five plain, vegetable tanned leather straps all dated 1987, and five double buckle oiled leather straps that are from the early 1950's !!!!! The double buckle straps are the rare ones and the biggest score of the two. They are even pebble embossed on the smooth side of the leather! All of the straps have the small "X" stamp as well (Czechoslovakian Army coat of arms, a bit blurred).

I made up a couple of prototype belt loops that buckle into the double buckle straps so that they can be used to carry the mess kit on a belt. I gave them the usual "replica" date stamps with BGS service stamp to indicate they were early 1950's BGS issue.

I am also experimenting with using the straps for attaching other bits and pieces of equipment on the bike........... more photos later when I figure that all out.

Early Czech soldiers on bicycles.

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