Friday, June 4, 2010

1924 Hershey Wrappers

Quite some time ago I bought a book at a yard sale and when I got home, I found an old Hershey's Chocolate Bar wrapper pressed between the pages! I've held on to it for some time with no particular idea about what its final use would be......... well today it found its new calling!

A little searching on the Hershey Chocolate Company webs
ite turned up a photo archive of the old wrapper styles and on another site, I found a list of what years matched which bar weights. Between the two sites, I was able to pinpoint the date as a 1924 wrapper.

I used a color copier to make several copies of the front and back sides of the wrapper, then pieced them together into a large composite. I used the copier again, to make final copies and then cut them out squared on a paper cutter. I affixed a narrow strip of sticker tape along the backside of the overlap edge so they are ready to use........ as "pre-aged" 1924 candy wrappers!
I'll buy some modern chocolate bars, toss the new wrappers and then wrap the bar with my "new Hershey's wrapper!

The "NEW" wrappers ready to go:

Here's the original, front and back:

Old and new!

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