Sunday, April 11, 2010

Polish - DDR- NVA W-63 Paratroop Helmet

I had the very unique opportunity to purchase a vintage military surplus, Polish W-63 paratrooper's helmet that came from the former East German Army (DDR - NVA). The helmet is in pretty darn good shape for its age and service history, and is complete, with the exception of a padded chin cup (often discarded by the troops). These helmets were manufactured by Poland for their army, but they proved very popular with the East German Army and other service units. They were used from about 1972 to 1986.

They were standard issue for the East German Paratroop unit: 40 Fallschirmjaegerbataillon .
This unit was the only paratroop unit in the East German Army and numbered about 600 soldiers total with only about 288 who were actual paratroopers. This was East Germany's only paratroop unit.

40 Fallschirmjaegerbataillon unit emblem

I have also turned up some photos and documentation that shows that these helmets were also used by the East German Special Police, and the Border Police as dispatch riders helmets for the military motorcyclists................ as well as the Polish Army Paratroops.

My helmet is dated 1976 and has the Polish military stamps on the back side of the leather liner. The neck guard and chin strap are green leather. The helmet itself is steel.

Here are a few pictures of this helmet in service by various units:

East German Paratroops:

East German Special Police:

East German Border Police:

Polish Paratroops:

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