Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New BGS Y-Straps

I found a great deal in the dusty recesses of ebay's "Buy-It-Now" back room "stores"............ A new set of BGS leather Y-Straps! The straps (suspenders) were actually advertised as German Surplus with no other description. For the price, it was definitely worth getting a pair even if they were not exactly correct for my BGS bike "uniform". To make a long story short.......... big time LATE shipping and a two week transit time delay after buying them, they arrived today.

They look like they are actually nearly brand new and only on very close inspection is there any indication that they are not. I checked out the date-maker stamp to see what their actual origin was and amazingly they are stamped as BGS from 1962!!!!!!!!! A total score! I must be sending out some pretty potent vibrational energy in this whole BGS bike project :)

Now the search continues for some additional select uniform components and a new-old bike light and generator....... oh yes, and some field equipment to strap on the bike............ I think you get the idea, "A never ending project"! Half the fun is the research and treasure hunt for the cool "stuff".

Here's a picture of a few BGS officers from the same early 1960's vintage wearing pairs of Y-Straps with their field belts:

Here are my new straps:

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