Monday, April 5, 2010

German Dienstrad Police & Service Bikes

The research continues for the origins of my BGS bicycle. Since I can not absolutely, 100%, confirm it's history, I will continue to research any leads that may help tell the possible story of this bike. I found a great internet "stash" of great info using some odd Google searches. I found some pretty good pictures of old German Police bicycles from the 40's and 50's that match my bicycle. The police vehicle colors are the same bright green and it appears that the handlebars and cranks that were originally chromed on my bike, are chromed on the bicycles in the pictures of the border police and lands police bikes.

Another possibility for my bike!

The Zoll Politzei handeled the border crossings and the BGS handeled border defenses.............. The bicycle colors would have been the same........The Landspolizei are the Federal State Police and also would possibly have shared the same green color as well.

Zoll Polizei

Bavaria Landspolizei

Here are a few pictures of some other German service bikes (Dienstrad) that I uncovered on my continuing search:

German Customs Service 1950's
This bike is VERY similiar to mine.

German Railroad Service Bicycle
1940's or 1950's

More modern German Volunteer Fire Department Bicycle

It seems that the germans really have it figured out in the bicycle department! Wouldn't it be great to see more bicycles used by our own public service agencies!? Bicycles in public service....... they could save money and save lives (you can only gain so much weight and flab when your pedalling instead of driving)!

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