Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steampunk Goggles

My "desert style" has been organic and has evolved along it's own lines, mostly keeping to the vintage-retro look. I live in my leather top hat, British pith helmet, vest, Carharts and Doc Martins when I'm out on the Playa....................... without planning it, and in a seemingly parrallel evolutionary path, I have developed my own signature version of the "Steampunk" fashion style. The steampunk style is a cross between Jules Verne, and the modern technologies.......... very simply put. It takes the great age of Victorian invention and adventure, and merges it with all the really cool technologies of today and when the mixing is done, we get this wonderful parallel world of wonder and style! One of the signature items that every Steampunker has to have, is a set of goggles............. be they simple or elaborate, gadgety or purely functional, they are a "required" component of every Steampunk outfit.
After searching the four corners of the globe and the known and unknown world, I finally found my perfect pair! After winning the eBay bid of .99 cents, these wonderful vintage goggles are now destined for adventure.

They most likely date to the pre-twenties and are in near perfect shape, minus the strap. The lenses are clear and perfect, the leather soft and supple, and the nickle plating still 100%. I've seen goggles like this go for upwards of $80.00............. I guess it pays to keep looking in the odd categories on eBay for the poorly and incorrectly listed items!

I can't wait to see these perched on my derby or top hat............... Steampunk style!!!!!!!!

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