Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Origin8 Spy26 Cylco-Commuter Project

Now for a little cycling update.

As of last night, I am diving into a new bike-build project for Sweet Pea. After visiting our newest, and quite Hip, new bike shop down on Water Street, "The Broken Spoke"........... and after checking out a great Trek cyclocross bike gracing the showroom floor, we have decided to build our own "new" version of a cyclo-commuter bike! The build will be based on a wonderful and nearly brand new Origin8, Spy 26 frame. So far we've added a Ritchie adjustable stem, and On-One Mary alt-bars, and have ordered up a set of brand new Gator Brakes disc brakes for the front and rear. I refurbished an Alex wheel set and mounted a set of 26" cross tires on them. N8 is scouting out a 9 speed mountain bike drive train as we speak...................... We'll be saddle shopping for Sweet Pea's favorite saddle this next week................

Here's the first "sneak-peek" of Sweet Pea's new ride:

See ya' on the trail!

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