Tuesday, December 29, 2009


After taking last year as a rest and rejuvination year off, we are getting geared up to make the pilgrimage to Black Rock City again this year! This will be year 6 for me and 5 for Sweet Pea! Tickets go on sale on sale on January 13th at 10 am. As usual, I'll be logged on and hoping for one of the first tier priced tickets. They go fast, so you've got to be ready to hit that enter key at one second past 10 am!
It seemed like a good idea to take a year off and come at things fresh and new for 2010, and now that I am getting ready to buy next year's tickets, I can realistically say that it was good to take that break (ends up being 2 years between dusty visits to Black Rock!) and to have the time to actually miss the burn and to reflect on why we go, what it means, and if it is still relevant in our lives............ I've reflected, the verdict is in, and the countdown to Burning Man 2010 has begun! I am already looking forward to the pilgrimage along the familiar routes and through the country that has become part of the warp and weave of who I am.

Eight months to go! Time to start planning and building all the new "camp upgrades" and pondering such wonderful things as "Do I build art for this year?", "Will we freelance it, or camp with Hushville again?"............. you know, the really important questions :)

Stay tuned ................

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