Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Swedish Fältspade KLAS, Short Light Attack Shovel, Snow Blade Attachment, Fältspade Snöblad, M58

I have been missing one essential accessory for my Swedish folding shovel, the classic Swedish Snow Blade.  Well, I tracked one down in Finland and picked it up for a fantastic price.  It is now with its partner, my trusty Swedish Short Light Attack Shovel.

You can read about the shovel on an earlier blog page.  Here's the link:


These Swedish snow blades are ingenious and unique to the Swedish military shovels.  I am not sure why more countries have not adapted the concept to their combat shovels.  

The blade is stamped from sheet aluminum and is accurately designed to fit the blade contours of the folding shovel.  There are several stamped ridges to provide strength when shoveling.  In addition to the ridges, it is nicely stamped with the Swedish 3 Crowns.

The snow blade is installed by inserting the folding shovel blade into the snow blade, by going "under then over" the locking tabs.  After the folding shovel blade snaps into place, it is secured with the two removable bolts and nuts.  Installing the shovel into the snow blade is a VERY tight fit!  When you think it is not going to work, it suddenly snaps into place.  It is a very secure fit, even without the bolts.

I was lucky that my blade arrived with two original bolts, nuts and washers already installed.  

Spring is already peeking out from between the rain clouds here in the Pacific Northwest, so I will have to wait until next winter to try out the snow shovel.  So while I'm waiting, let's take a closer look at this amazing bit of kit.

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