Friday, April 6, 2018

Polish Mosin Nagant Wz.44, M44 Carbine, Post-War Ammo Pouch, 1954

Since I've started back down the Mosin Nagant road, so to speak, I figured I would pull out another ammo pouch from the bunker to show off.

Today we'll take a close look at an early post-war pouch that was made by Poland for their Mosin Nagant Wz.44 Carbine.  

After WW2 ended, Poland roduced a lighter, shorter version of the Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifles that their "New Allies", the Soviets had bestowed on them.  This rifle was a clone of the Russian Model 1944 carbine.  It seems that Russia stopped production of their own M44 carbine in 1948, moved the production equipment to Poland, and then in 1950, Poland started making their own version on the old Russian equipment.
You can read all about the Polish Wz.44 Carbines here:

 When the new Wz.44 Mosin Nagants started rolling off the line, the Poles needed an ammo pouch to go with them.  That brings us to the pouch we'll be looking at today.

These Polish Wz.44 ammo pouches share details from the post-war Russian ammo pouches that were produced using the synthetic brown "pleather" during the 1950's and 1960's, and the older WW2, leather, Russian Pouches.   Poland copied the patterns and designs, but substituted their own unique material for the main body.

The main body of these Polish pouches are made from a stiff canvas and trimmed in leather.  The canvas is a very interesting, light green color.  They are extremely well made and look great!  

Since Poland put nearly all of their carbines and pouches into storage, almost immediately after they were made, these pouches can still be found in unissued condition.  My pouch appears as new as the day it was made!

My pouch is dated 1954, and is well marked with the year and other polish ink stamps on the lid straps.

Here is a comparison photo of the Polish pouch next to the WW2 Russian Pouch.  You can read about the WW2 Russian Pouch in my last blog posting, or at this link.

Here is the link to an older blog posting of mine that shows the Russian, post-war, "pleather" pouches.

I don't personally have a carbine to go with this pouch, but I think this a pouch that every Mosin Nagant rifle or carbine owner should have in their collection!  After seeing the quality of this pouch, I may just have to track down a carbine to go with it!

Let's take a closer look:

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