Thursday, February 9, 2017

East German, NVA, AK47 (MPi), 4 Magazine Ammo Pouch, Strichtarn Type 2 Camouflage, 1974

Today we'll be taking a look at the "last generation" AK47 ammo pouch from East Germany.  This is the pouch that you got a quick peak at in my last blog posting. 

This particular pouch is a four magazine ammo pouch in the last version of the Strichtarn camo pattern (rain pattern) used in East Germany.  This last version of camo has broader "rain stripes" and a darker background from the first version.  This Strichtarn Type 2 was used from 1968 until both Germany's were re-unified in 1990.

This pouch has the later style of "strap and D ring" fasteners.

It is dated 1/74, indicating it was made in 1974.  The stamping is inked inside the flap.

These ammo pouches were worn by all soldiers in the field who were carrying the East German AK47 (MPi).  Only one pouch was normally worn. 

There is not much else to say about these pouches, other than they are very well made and sturdy.  With four 30 round magazines, and 120 rounds of ammo, they are quite heavy!  With one magazine in the rifle, and a pouch full of 4 more mags, the total load-out was 150 rounds of ammo!

When East Germany adopted the newer AK74 version of the AK, the mag pouches were changed to a rectangular shape.  The smaller caliber, AK74 rifles went into production in 1985.  I would assume that production of the curved AK47 mag pouches ceased at that time.

Here are a couple of period photos that show these pouches in action.

Here is the photo album of this iconic East German mag pouch.

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