Friday, February 24, 2017

Bundesgrenzschutz, West German Rifle Cleaning Kit: Reinigungsgerät 34, Rg34, Rg. f. Gew. , circa 1950's - 1960's, G1, G3, K98k

After a number of years of searching, I finally found one of the original Bundesgrenzschutz rifle cleaning kits from the 1950's!

I have written about these old "Tobacco Tin" kits in previous posts, but this one is different than all of the rest.

This kit is known as the Rg34, or  Reinigungsgerät 34.  It is one of the first post-war versions of the old WW2 German cleaning kits.  Mine is one of the seldom seen varieties though.  It is painted in the "Old BGS Green" and was most likely issued out with the first of the post-war Mausers, or FAL G1's that were used in the Bundesgrenzschutz (German Border Police).  This dates the cleaning kit to the 1950's or early 1960's.

The kit is is in remarkably perfect condition for its age, and it includes a number of the nicer "upgraded" parts.

The tin itself, is unmarked, and is the rarer variation without the reinforcing line on the side.  Here are a couple of side-by side comparisons to a couple of other kits:  Bundeswehr (OD Green), and a West Berlin Border Police (brighter Police Green).  You will see the lack of reinforcing line and how much the darker, BGS Green, color compares as well.  

Left to Right: BGS, West Berlin Police, Bundeswehr
BGS next to Bundeswehr. Notice color and reinforcing groove.

The oiler in this tin is the older, post-war version, of the old WW2 "syringe" type that was used in the 1930's and 1940's.  

The pull-chain is also a variation that is not encountered as often.  I consider this style of swiveled pull-loop chain to be an "upgraded part" and probably indicates that it was one of the earlier models.

You can read more about these post-war kits at this outstanding blog (as well as the earlier, WW2 versions as well).

All in all, I couldn't be more thrilled to finally have an original BGS cleaning kit to add to the collection!  It is easy to see how some collectors get hooked on these old kits and end up collecting one of every variation, color, and manufacturer!

Here is the photo album of this beautiful little Rg34 kit.

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