Friday, July 27, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz Regenmantel, BGS Rain Coat, circa 1977

Here is the next installment in my "New Bundesgrenzschutz" blog series.  I picked up this beautiful BGS rain coat off of eBay for a screaming deal!  No other bidders, and it came with a beautiful set of Hauptman rank shoulder boards (Captain in US).  It is now hanging on display, along with the other BGS uniforms in the shop.  Beautiful!  Oh yes, and it's my size!

The Jacket is dated 1977, and it is in as close to brand new condition as it is possible to be for a coat of this vintage.  The jacket is constructed out of a PVC type canvas with sewn seams that are taped on the inside.  In typical BGS fashion, the jacket sports a shoulder cape that is vented.  The inside, shoulder cape area is lined in heavy nylon mesh netting.  There are zippered vents under each armpit.  The coat is double breasted with standard BGS metal buttons that are backed with a small, square, plastic button on the inside of the coat. The coat has reach-through pockets that are made of cloth.

The shoulder boards on the jacket are from a Hauptmann, or Captain in the US.  In the BGS, an officer with the rank of Hauptmann would serve as a Hundertschaftsführer, or Company Commander for a Company of about 100 BGS Troopers.  The shoulder board is the button on type and is constructed of white wool with two gold pips.  This is the first officer's grade insignia that I have in the collection.  Here is a link to a good web page that shows the rank shoulder boards (Schulterstücke) of the BGS from this era:

And now for the photo album of this new addition:

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