Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1963 Popular Boating Magazine and Boating Advertisements

Well it seems that William James Bookseller book shop is back on the radar......... Sweet Pea and I stopped by and checked out the free book box out in front of the store this last weekend and I picked up a great, vintage, boating magazine.  It is a a copy of Popular Boating Magazine from June, 1963.  Not only does it have some great boating "how-to" articles that I can use with my own boat projects, it has some fantastic boat advertisements as well!  I did a few quick scans to give you an idea about the ads that are in it.  Here's a photo list of the more prominent boat company ads that are mixed throughout the pages:   "Bon Voyage" and enjoy the pictures!

Cris Craft Boats 1963
Owens Boats 1963
Starcraft Boats 1963
Century Boats 1963
Traveler Boats 1963
Trojan Boats 1963
Aristo-Craft Boats 1963
Cutter Boats 1963
MFG Boats 1963

Pacemaker Boats 1963
Pearson Boats 1963

There are even a couple of pretty good outboard motor ads....... plus a ton of other advertisements that I will still need to get around to scanning into my archives.

Homelite Boat Motors 1963

Johnson Boat Motors 1963


DW said...

Mark this is the same Starcraft Boats the Debbie worked for in 1978 in Goshen IN. Cool stuff!

Vaibhav said...

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