Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Soviet Army Officer Visored Field Hat

Here's another bit of Soviet Military memorabilia from my collection. In the late 1980's (or early 1990's....), I received this hat from my mother-in-law, who had received it from a friend of hers that had traveled to the USSR as part of a peace exchange group. She was told that the hat was given to her (the friend), by a Russian Afghanistan War veteran. The vet said that this was one of the hats he had worn while serving with the Army while fighting in Afghanistan. The Soviet-Afghan War lasted from December 25, 1979 until February 15, 1988.

The hat is a smaller size, too small for me to wear. This model of the field hat was worn by all officers, of all branches, from 1970 to 1989. The khaki-olive field hats were used in field combat zones.

Here is a photo of a group of Soviet officers wearing the Visored Field Hat in the field:

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