Monday, November 8, 2010

Bikes, Boats, Books, and Bombs

On Saturday Sweet Pea and I stopped by Westside Marine and picked up a brand new EZ-Loader boat trailer for the "new" aluminum boat that we're setting up. The trailer's great! ....... galvanized, sealed bearings, plastic fenders, easy-load boat cradle, big wheels.................. we dropped it off at the house and headed out to Port Hadlock for a few more errands and stopped by the Northwest Harvest Thrift Shop since it was their "everything's 50% off " day.

It's funny how things will fall into an odd theme
sometimes, well the theme that popped out for me at the thrift shop was "bombs". First off I'll just say that I paid only 50 cents for each item :)

Here's what I picked up:

A Marzocchi Bomber Hat

A signed, First Edition, "Still Life With Woodpecker" book.

A 1925 copy of the Du Pont "Blaster's Handbook"

You may be asking yourself, "How do all these items fall into the theme of "Bombs"?". Well, the hat advertises Marzocchi "BOMBER" bicycle suspension forks. The main character in "Still Life With Woodpecker", is a "BOMBER". The Du Pont "Blaster's Handbook", well it's just that, how to use the old Du Pont dynamite from the old days! Oh yes, and I picked up a brand new Audubon Bird Watchers Binocular Strap Rig. (I know, not in the "BOMBER" theme, but it does start with a "B" ).

Just another Saturday with Sweet Pea and Sharky!

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