Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I'm Listening To........

The Idan Raichel Project

Here's what's currently at the top of my play list................... The Idan Raichel Project.
Amazing and inspiring album and group............. The Idan Raichel Project began in Israel in 2002 when Idan Raichel, a young and talented keyboard player , composer and producer put together a demo of his work in an improvised, homemade recording studio set up in his parents basement. The project draws from the cultural melting pot that is modern Israel.......... the music is woven from Etheopian, Arabic, African and Yemenite traditions and lyrics, Eastern folklore and chants, as well as biblical psalms.

A message of peace, love and hope. When so much of the news out this corner of the world is so bad and hopeless, it refreshing to find something so amazingly fresh and uplifting that is relevant to all of us in this world. We should all really take a moment and take the words of Ian Raichel to heart......... this world would truely be a greater place if we could all live these words in practice:

"Our ability to live in peace with each other depends first and foremost on our ability to accept all that is different between us.

I want to get closer to you, but let me be who I am.
I welcome you coming closer to me, while respecting who you are.

On our own individual paths we are all looking for the bread, the water, the wind and a dignified life.

And yes, we all cling to love."

Idan Raichel

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