Monday, February 1, 2010

Goodwill Treasures

A Sunday trip to the local Goodwill turned up a couple of interesting treasures this last weekend..... a vintage TREK cycling cap in "classic fuscia" pink and a beautiful, mint condition, British safari jacket!

Since neither Sweet Pea or I do the pink cycling cap thing, it went on eBay last night. I'm sure thee's a vintage TREK bicycle collector out there who will be thrilled to get a hard to find cap like this.

I have actually been looking for the right British "safari jacket" for quite some time. I have a reproduction British pith helmet that I have worn for several years in the past, out in the desert at Burning Man, and have wanted an authentic jacket to finish out the look. This jacket is in brand new, never been worn condition. The threads-per-inch weave is EXTREMELY high. The jacket is lined and has a very high-end label and is actually made in England! This is not your cheap or military version, this is a true high grade, high end, garment that would be right at home on any Egyptologist or British Explorer.

The cherry on top of the whole deal was that the cycling cap was only 99 cents and the jacket was half off! Oh yes and it fits like it was tailor made for me, exactly my size!

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