Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ultimate Biking Pants!

Another pending project's been finished and crossed off the to-do list........... Two pair of my ultra-custom, ultra-tough, ultra-hip biking pants! I turned a pair of Carhart double-knee work pants into a pair of bike knickers awhile back and have absolutely loved them. They even took a trip to Burning Man and turned out to be perfect on the Playa.

For this new version, I used two used pair of Carharts that I picked up at a yard sale for cheap. I took two small tucks on the back waistband that run down into the rear pockets to take up the extra waist (I did this to another pair before and love the extra seat room it gives). The legs are a bit short for everyday wear, but perfect for cycling. I'll do my usual tuck-n-fold with the ankle cuffs and hold it fast with my ankle ties to make them "peg-legged" for riding.

I finished them off with a couple of punk patches from Left Bank Books in Seattle. It's a yearly Christmas tradition for N8 to give these out, and I always get around to putting them to good use.

These are definitely the ultimate mountain biking pants. They protect from brush and are like wearing armor in a crash........... and you can't buy them in the cycle shops, you've got to DIY! Oh yes, and they're way cool.............

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