Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dust-n-Oils Seals for the Reba

I did some fancy bidding and web shopping and came up with a brand new set of dust and oil seals off of eBay for the Reba fork on the Giant Trance 2. A bit more surfing of the web came up with a set of foam oil rings from Cambria Bike down in California for $2.00 a pair as opposed to the $14.00 normal price.....(unheard of sale!)...... when all was said and done, I ended up with all of the new seals that I needed to finish up the rebuild of the Reba fork for a fraction of the normal price of the parts! Now I just need to break down the fork again and pull out the old seals and press in the new sets.

This last Summer, N8 and I did a rebuild and replaced all of the o-rings, seals, crush washers, etc. , but we did not have the needed top end seals to finish the job. The fork still oozes oil out of the uppers, but not for long.......... these new seals will put the fork back in brand new condition.

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