Friday, May 9, 2008

The Perfect Compass!

Well the search is finally over........ I found the perfect compass for the boat! The original compass that came with the boat was an E.S. Ritchie compass from the late 1930's. It was in need of service and in the course of having the work done on it, the repair shop ruined the original card. It was replaced with a USN card of "OK" quality............... I bought a second compass that matched the first and tried to service it myself. I made a bit of a a "technical error" in my choice of repair paint, and let's just say that that compass is shelved until a later time.
This NEW compass is what I have wanted all along! It is a Wilcox Crittenden compass that is in perfect shape and condition, like-new! It is date stamped on the bottom with the year 1943. The guy I bought it from said that it was dry, but I bought it anyway (the only bid on eBay, and a GREAT price!). I figured I'd have to have it serviced, but when it arrived, the compass was actually still full of liquid, with no bubbles, and PERFECT!
This compass will drop right in as a replacement for the original E.S. Ritchie.
It's going to look great in the binnacle!

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