Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk, THW, Feldflasche, West German THW Canteen, PAL 88, 1988, German Federal Agency For Technical Relief

Today we'll be building on the last post, and showing off the matching THW field canteen that was issued along with the THW mess kit. 

You can read about the matching mess kit here:

Sometime in the 1960's, the THW ( Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk), started issuing this "new style" canteen, replacing the old, WW2 styled, post-war canteens.  These "new" canteens were the same style and type that were adopted for the Bundeswehr, but were painted in the "Civil Defense Gray".  These gray canteens were issued to nearly all of the various Civil Defense agencies, in addition to the THW

The canteen comes with a top cup and a bottom bowl.  The canteen is carried inside. 

The entire set fits nicely together and is secured with a spring loaded latch.

The lower bowl has a synthetic gasket around the inside of the rim, which prevents it's use over flame.  In fact, I have never seen this type of canteen with cups, showing any evidence of actually having been used for cooking over flame.  It was used for serving only.

There is clip that is used to suspend the canteen from the D-ring on a belt, jacket back, or more often, on the bread bag.  The attached leather strap is used to attach the canteen through the leather tab on the bread bag (to prevent it from swinging).

This canteen is in unissued condition, and is dated 1988.  It is marked PAL, which is the manufacturers 3 letter code.  Each cup, and the canteen itself, are individually marked.

Let's take a closer look.


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